vrijdag 27 november 2009

Provence (France)


thunderstorm enters the valley

Thunderstorm builds up above the Alpes Maritime.

Verdon region

`Grand Canyon du Verdon`

Flora in the Alpes region.

Parc des Ecrins

Impression of Alpen villages.

Authumn atmosphere

always room for a mushroom

Old landscape with burrial hills from the Bronse age

close up of a fox

This is not without risk, most foxes have rabies

Impression of the eternal city

Part of old defence wall with tower
Detail of the famous Trevi Fountain

Interior of the sixteenchapel (Vatican), not allowed to take pics in here, ahum.

Funny bilboard

Colloseum at sunset

Detail at the back of the oldest church in the world, The Cipitol.

Circus Maximus (Ben Hur was here)

Temple at the Forum Romanum

Tree on top of the palace ruines at the Forum Romanum

San Sebastian
Rome, one of the most beautifull, must see, cities in the world. More than 2 milleniums are looking down on you. It´s is amazing how advanced the ancient Roman builders where. Much of the then developed techniques are used til today, like concrete.

dinsdag 24 november 2009

Cathedral Cove (New Zealand)

Exactly at the opposit side othe planet from Portugal.
Do you regocnize the settings from the openingsshoot of the movie Prince Kaspian, Narnia2?